Other Rental Services for Your Party or Event

When event planning for large corporations or simply pulling together a gather of your friends and family, party rentals make it much easier fill out the event and make it bigger than possible with just your wits alone.  There are several different ways to use party rentals, and we break down the various criteria below:

Furniture and Party Supplies – These are the “boring” party rentals like chairs, tents, plates, and utensils.  These are necessary if you are hosting a dinner, a gala, or other more “boring” big event (usually just with boring adults).

Vintage and Specialty Rentals – If you are looking to put together a theme party or some other specialty party supplies that don’t fit in the normal realm of party rentals (such as  a 1920’s flapper theme, or a 1950’s gangster theme), then you need to go for a specialty vintage rental company.

Amusement Ride and Bounce House Rentals – If you really want to have a blast you can rent an amusement ride, more commonly available as a inflatable bounce house rental.  We’ve used these for our kids, specifically we used a local bounce house company and we had a really good time.

So whatever you choose you’ll realize that you can really amp up your party but leveraging rental services.  Don’t stick with what you can buy at Party City, go big!

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